Net 10. The WORST company in history?

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Net 10. The WORST company in history?

Postby adizzle » Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:50 am

Yes, I do believe we have a winner!!

In the category of worst company ever known to man! Congrats net 10 wireless. You officially SUCK!

:lol: 8-)

What's this another award has just been brought to my attention.....

Net 10 has just received the award for Biggest Bunch of Liars in History!


Let's all take a moment of silence to the beginning of the end of net 10.

You won't be able to screw us forever net 10 you evil pricks!

Hello my name is net10-asshole I am not sorry for what you are currently going through as I am just required to copy/paste this response in the forums to "look" like I am helping our current customers so new prospective customers will be tricked into thinking this is actually a good service with employees that care about their customers. I will send you a PM asking for your phone's serial number or your phone number. Once you have made 5 bs posts you can then respond to my PM. By that time I will have moved on and forgotten you want my help, so really it does no good to respond to my PM in the first place. I recommend shoving your net10 phone up your ass as far as it goes and then jumping in front of a speeding train. It will undoubtedly feel better than trying to get anyone to help you when your net 10 product malfunctions because of one of us screwing up your phone. Which we will, because net10 is an American company and we are located in India and South America, so why would we care about any of you stupid United Stated citizens? :lol: Joke is on you for buying net 10.


- net10-asshole
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Re: Net 10. The WORST company in history?

Postby Huntsman » Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:56 am

Net 10 isn't a bad company for a prepaid phone. Their phones get coverage almost anywhere and are cheap with connection to limited internet and other options. The only thing I can truly 100% complain about is their customer support which in all honesty is pretty bad. Otherwise for being a prepaid phone company Net 10 is a great company. :D
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