Unlimited Plan does not include data?

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Unlimited Plan does not include data?

Postby Mojavejava » Thu Jul 05, 2012 2:56 am

I had been under the impression that if I buy an Android smartphone with the required Unlimited Plan, this plan includes data, but then I found the NET10 UNLIMITED PLAN TERMS AND CONDITIONS: http://www.net10.com/autopay_enrollment/net10unlimitedterms.html

According to the terms linked above:
The NET10 Unlimited Plan is a Service offered by NET 10 and includes unlimited local and long distance calling and unlimited nationwide text messaging. MMS messaging and Off Network roaming calls will be charged at a rate of 10 cents per minute. Data purchased through the NET10 Data Services portal will be charged at rates listed on the NET10 Data Service informational page and is not included as part of the NET10 Unlimited Plan.

This makes it sound like the Unlimited Plan includes ONLY phone calls and text messages. Is that correct? If it's not correct, where can I find new/updated/current terms and conditions for the Unlimited Plan?

I have also been unable to locate the NET10 Data Service informational page.
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Re: Unlimited Plan does not include data?

Postby Jude » Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:18 am

Hi Mojavejava. Net10 unlimited covers unlimited calling, texting and web access nationwide. Please check this link http://www.net10.com/faqs/index.jsp and select Net10 Monthly plans. Now, with regards to downloads of ringtones, wallpapers, etc or any data from our website will be charged. Thanks.
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