Apps that work with LG900G?

Apps that work with LG900G?

Postby roze0037 » Wed Oct 03, 2012 2:36 am

Where can I find apps that work with my LG900G? I have facebook, craigtopia and google maps but google maps is almost useless because if I move to a different area of a map because it constantly pops up with a warning saying "This application is untrusted. This application access the network. Data charges may apply"... I don't mind data charges but its like a pop up ad that won't go away! Also that is a direct quote, verbatim so I don't know if the phone even knows grammar.

I want some game apps like word games, puzzles, trivia etc. I also want apps like a general use notepad (like notepad on ipod touch or iphones), music players, better web browsers, location services in the case I lose my phone, also a good gps, weather and something to instantly check current events.

I have searched google endlessly and nothing works.
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Re: Apps that work with LG900G?

Postby MDonah » Thu Oct 04, 2012 5:05 pm

I think you may be expecting a bit too much from this phone. It isn't a "smart" phone like the Android phones or the iPhone.

There's a forum thread that's specifically dedicated to Tracfone/Net10 phones. The link I've posted below deals only with the LG900G and it's capabilities and limitations which the posters have discovered through purchasing and working with the LG900G since it was first introduced and then posting their findings in this forum:

They can do a much better job at this than I can.
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