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I recently signed up for this and already disappointed. My father has the SAME plan and yet I can't download/purchase stuff from my phone. I have the unlimited 50,000 minutes per month. Why can't I make purchases? Thats what the minutes are for, to use for web,text,call and downloads. So why can't I purchase stuff? Also, please don't give me a copy/paste answer like the rest.VGF
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Re: Plan?

Postby Jessica1 » Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:34 pm

Good day, VGF. My name is Jessica Net and I'll be addressing your concern. As per Net10's Terms & Conditions;

With certain NET10 phone models, you can access Data Services through WAP and WEB. Data Services are additional services offered by NET10. Access to the Mobile Web is included in your NET10 Unlimited Plan. You will, however, incur additional charges for downloads or purchases of Data Services.

Access/Purchase Data Services. In order to purchase and download NET10 Data Services, your NET10 Phone must have active Service. You will not incur Access Charges under the NET10 Unlimited Plan, but you will be charged a Content Charge each time you select and purchase content to download. The Content Charges vary depending on the type of content and these must be paid for separately under the terms and conditions of the vendor from whom you are purchasing the content. You may purchase and add a NET10 Unlimited Minute Bundle to your account in order to purchase content, downloads, ringtones or other services from NET10. You may NOT complete these purchases using the balance in your NET10 Unlimited account without adding a NET10 Unlimited Minute Bundle.

In addition, you may also purchase or download contents on your phone using a credit card via website. I believe this answers your question. It's been a pleasure helping you. Have a good day.
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